Who Do We Serve and What Sets Gesund Apart ?


Scientists & Subject-Matter Experts

Leverage Gesund.ai's no-code interface for improved collaboration efficiency between scientists and data scientists. Our solution empowers your team with advanced data, annotators, and technology to streamline the entire lifecycle of AI-enabled medical devices. Our technology can meet you where you are: continue in the cloud or start with a secure, air-gapped, or on-premise setup and easily transition to cloud-based operations when you are ready for it.

Data Science Teams

Gesund.ai provides a rich suite of unique features, including AI-assisted 3D Annotation and specialized tools for handling complex medical imaging such as PET scans, Ophthalmology, and Pathology slides. Our platform is designed to enhance critical data science activities like blind spot analysis and bias detection, supporting multi-modal models and comprehensive AI lifecycle management from data access to FDA-grade validation and monitoring.

Medical Affairs Teams

Minimize operational friction and streamline multi-stakeholder processes with Gesund.ai's no-code platform, centralizing data, clinical, and regulatory operations. Our platform facilitates internal and external collaborations, enhancing alignment without the need for external data sharing. Comprehensive support with data, annotators, and proprietary technology simplifies complex workflows and accelerates time to FDA approval.

Quality & Regulatory Compliance Teams

Align quality assurance and regulatory compliance with innovation using Gesund.ai. Our platform is an essential tool for Quality and Regulatory teams, designed for continuous oversight of AI development and validation steps in compliance with FDA's GMLP, PCCP, and ISO42001 standards. Autogenerate FDA-ready reports, maintain version control of data, models, and studies, and ensure rigorous post-market surveillance with minimized risk and variability.


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