The Power of the Platform In Your Own Hands

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Accelerate your AI Strategy
dbflowChartbarChartbubbleChart supercharges bio/medtech firms’ AI validation and development efforts via its compliant AI Factory connected to a proprietary data and expert network.
Experience the power of’s unique technology platform in your own environment.
  • Ideal for companies who want to:
  • computerIcoCombine’s technology with their own data and/or annotators
  • computerIco Scale up and streamline their AI development
  • computerIco Not letting regulatory compliance impede the pace of AI development
  • computerIco Speed up AI lifecycles for use in clinical trials and/or clinical decision making
Maintain alignment among engineers, clinicians, subject matter experts, regulatory/quality professionals as models evolve version to version
Multi-Modal’s platform was designed for use with multiple modalities. We have most experience with imaging, since it accounts for 85% of FDA approvals. But you can use other modalities with our platform
Tracking, tracing, transparency on 3 levels: model, data, and validation runs. Make your regulatory and quality teams your friends!
AI Lifecycle Management
AI models are dynamic learning systems and so should your tools be! Gesund's platform can be used upstream and downstream from FDA approval. One platform, no matter where you are in your AI life cycle
  • Flexible Deployment Options
      • offers versatile deployment capabilities, suitable for any environment, including air-gapped and cloud infrastructures.
      • Our platform enables seamless integration of models and data, eliminating the need for third-party managed services.
  • Access to Exclusive Data and Annotator Services
      • Bring Your Own Data (BYOData) for seamless integration, regardless of its storage location—PACS, cloud or on-premise.
      • Connect with an extensive network of data partners and annotator networks across the United States and internationally, supporting research and development as well as FDA approval processes through
  • Streamlined No-Code Collaboration
      • Enable rapid feedback loops between data science teams and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) through an intuitive no-code interface.
      • Facilitate comprehensive project management within a single platform, encompassing data management, annotator coordination, and biostatistics.
      • Ensure consistent alignment across teams, including engineers, clinicians, SMEs, and regulatory professionals, as models progress through iterations.
  • Comprehensive AI Lifecycle Management
      • Utilize’s integrated platform for the complete AI lifecycle—training, validation, and post-FDA approval monitoring and revalidation.
      • Originally focused on AI validation, now supports a broad spectrum of applications, from drug discovery and clinical development to innovative AI diagnostics.
      • Our platform fosters collaborative efficiency, engaging clinicians and SMEs across more stages of the AI lifecycle, and assists in identifying and correcting drift and bias in AI models post-launch.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation
      • Automatically generate detailed audit trails and version control, ensuring GMLP compliance.
      • Simplify the FDA submission process with automated report generation, capturing all necessary decision logs, version histories, and modifications.
  • For External Validation
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