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DevOps Engineer/ Backend Engineer (Remote)

We are building a privacy-first MLOps platform for data-driven organizations in healthcare and life sciences. The platform is designed to support the entire lifecycle of machine learning (ML) efforts to accelerate breakthrough medical research and bring clinical-grade ML solutions to market. Our fast-expanding strategic network includes early clinical and technology partners and organizations in the US and Europe.

Job Description

  • Help conceptualize and build an MLOps platform around data management in healthcare industry; from initial design to full implementation and deployment

  • Work with the team to design and implement tools and APIs for a centralized system with distributed agents/workers

  • Build supplementary software components that enables data scientists to interact with the platform

  • Solid experience in Restful API design and development


  • Proficient in Python and/or Node.js

  • Hands-on experience with AWS or Azure (IAM user and role management, EKS, S3, RDS, ELB, ECS) and a solid understanding of security applications,

  • In-depth knowledge of designing, building and maintaining CI and CD data lines & deployment pipelines using Github Actions or Jenkins

  • A good knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes technologies,

  • Solid experience with NoSQL databases, mainly MongoDB

  • An experience with RabbitMQ

  • Comfortable with configuring and supporting Linux-based servers and applications,

  • A solid knowledge of networking, remote access management, VPCs, security groups, and can troubleshoot any type of network traffic,

  • Experience with on-prem server setup and monitoring,

  • Experience in the distribution of a wide variety of software products for testing, staging and production systems,